Essential Grid / Theme X Issue - Terrible Supporrt


I have built most of a site and invested a lot off time styling it and I am pleased with the results. Its such a disappointment to find the parallax and fade in buttons don’t work on when essential grid is on the page (main plugin for styling may site)

After 6 weeks of trying to resolve this issue with theme x and theme punch I am sad to say both have promised to do things in the future but neither is taking responsibility to resolve the issue even though the plugin comes with the theme. Both are essentially saying the other person should resolve. With 24 hr wait between responses and most of the time my questions or posts not answered I am left with a real dilemma. If I had my time over again I would not go with this theme initially support was amazing but as I learned more about the theme it became obvious there are issues and no one is resolving them.

Are there any developers who have experienced this issue :

Essential grid and parallax on same page the parallax images turn into white blocks or half image and white block. Also counters don’t work 50 percent of the time and fade in buttons and text the same 50 / 50 chance of working

Its nothing to do with image size its been acknowledged byTheme x and theme punch it is to do with the grid and images trying to calculate page sizes. I have been told the fix is to delay essential grid loading until parallax is loaded but theme x have said its not possible to make this change at the moment.

Anyone had this issue anyone how how to fix ?