Plugin I brought not working & support not replying need help.

Hi I have brought a plugin which looks like they have stopped developing it or have just given up on it. They were replying to me before I purchased the plugin when asked them if the plugin is still actively being developed and maintained. But since I purchased the plugin and it’s not working at all they are not replying.

I am new to this website I have brought 1 Theme and this was my second plugin and first time I have had an issue. What can I do to either get this fixed or get my money back? Is there anything at all I can do? I would cut my losses but this plugin cost me $110. It’s a lot of money to just throw away.

Any help will be really appreciated as I don’t know what i can do.

Thanks for your time.

It really depends what’s wrong, hoe long ago you reached out etc

If it’s genuinely broken or they are simply not replying (after a reasonable period of time) then you can request a refund

Thank you Charlie for your help.