Overall sales on GraphicRiver

Don’t know if all current sales topis are hidden… or that no one is talking about it (yeah right)…but I can’t find ANY topis regarding this in 2020.

For me … it’s been a joke.

Put it simple, I make here just some additional fun income to go along with my regular job. I do notice however when on average last year I was consistently making well over $100 per month.

and like magic … since January it’s barely around $50 … also, consistently so far.
Just recently dropped a new product. Not a single sale so far.
I saw that some of my collegues have already abandoned ship and went to look sales on their own.

I know that there’s the coronavirus going on right now, and people are concerned with more important things than buying a sound or a text effect. I get that, but still. Last year, January was the absolute best month. This year, it was the worst.

Did envato drop all marketing efforts besides elements or what?

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hi buddy , well there is another topic talking about this a bit, this is a bit old but some of us posted a bit there … for sales, it depends much on the number of items that u turn out to have, of how often u post , how much advertising you do on your own and if u ever manage to get in the first pages of search engine results (not to mention, your ability of offering dome items that people may feel interested in , needless to say) … all this being more and more difficult to master or control because of a variety of reasons , that is to say rejections being very frequent, having time enough to dedicate to create new quality things (which takes much time, obviously) and your global ability when it comes to being referenced, getting noticed and advertising your own stuff, which also depends on your own network

now, needless to say that sales have dropped dramatically ever since the beginning of the corona virus and the related confinement which basically freezes more and more things and forces companies , clubs and money other things to close , with the very deep impact on our sales that u can guess … as for me i am a average - rather good seller , i usually could expect about 125 dollars / week for several months and y sales for this week > 2! 10 dollars!

now, obviously , the heavy promoting that elements is enjoying definitely is an issue irritating a whole lot people among authors, especially as elements cannot be joined by ever wants to be part of it, but is an invitation programme indeed

about new items, i cannot quite figure out why - even if i tend to believe that this is linked to choosing to promote more trending items or new items , which has been much of an issue that made a lot of authors complain about what has been done - but i have noticed that there are times when new items go unnoticed or almost invisible and , of course , they are generating very little sales to say the least, when such a thing happens …

my conclusion is that people should take matters on their own hands a promote hugely their things and rely mostly on themselves , so using all the possible “chanels” , all possible networks, from traditional social medias to more graphic design oriented ones and so on is just mandatory

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not a good news.

Like n2n44 said. If you don’t take hold of marketing your products on your own, don’t expect results for much longer. We’ll that is a shame because that’s what we are paying (and by paying I mean giving envato a share out of each sale) for them to keep current and bring new clients. Not turn them into subscribers who can download 1000 files for $16 and cancel right after they get everything the could ever want and more.

u mean large share / fee lol definitely too substantial (especially if we are considering that we have much to do our our own now and that promoting our stuffs basically means promoting envato, at the same time, so that we are working even more for them and for building the legacy of the website) if u ask me , if the exclusive authors fee was for non exclusive , and exclusive had a better deal it could be sort of ok, but as such , for me this is way too much a percent as a lot of guys depend on thei sales here to survive as designers …

My point exactly. Not just mine but a whole bunch of authors. I can only imagine the irritation of authors like yourself who depend solely or mostly on their envato earnings.

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Envato Elements :slight_smile: