Over Charged Every Time

I wouldn’t be writing if this was the first time. I’m wanting an answer please.

I Have two invoices for one item

  1. The Graphic $11 USD
  2. The Handling Fee $1 USD

I have one transaction invoice from Paypal for $13

Someone explain this math please

Hello. Would you be able to open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to check into it for you. Thanks!

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I would love to. I was looking for a help ticket link on the site so I made a post here.

Now I am getting angry about the amount of time this is taking. Like the old days on the phone being bounced from one place to the other.

Yeah I know what you mean. Drop me the ticket number after you’re done and I’ll mark it as urgent.

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"Your request was successfully submitted."
Your ticket id is 1012406

Thanks man

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