Refund Requests or any Help requests

I have just logged in to see I have been billed the full amount of 200 euros :confounded:
My paypal was billed 20minutes ago before I got a chance to cancel my subscription tonight.

I’m honestly gutted as this is totally unaffordable for me fast approaching winter with record high bills about to raise another 80%, I have requested a refund but I have literally no idea where this has been sent to/from where it is displayed or where I will receive and answer?

again, I am absolutely gutted as I was using the free trial to have a look through some fonts I had seen and look for some graphic elements which turned out not to exist so was ready to cancel and have literally just slipped over the net.

another thing to note is it was only after giving Envato my details which i was shown it would bill me for the whole year subscription at once rather than a monthly price, I honestly can’t afford this :weary:

Please tell me where I see my request, I cant find anything on this site :pensive:

Hi huckersmtb,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

As far as I am aware I have but where does this show?

Yes it looks like you sent a ticket so the Help Team will be back to you as soon as they can.

ok hopefully sooner rather than later as the money has been taken :pensive:
where will the correspondence appear? I’ve still not found out.

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It will come through your email. Maybe check your spam folder if you’re not receiving anything?

Nope nothing yet, is there another route to go down? my money is still with you guys and its is further and further past a trial in which I did not want thus making it look like the paid for subscription is actually justified whereas in reality - it is not.

I’ll check into the ticket and see what’s up. Thanks!