Outrageous behaviour of the developer of the theme

Hi! We bought a theme here and created a site based on it. Theme caused a problems and we asked the developers to help. I gave them all the access etc. They didn’t help, telling that it’s not their theme causing the problem (and it was the theme after all, which I know because I was able to find the cause of the problem) and also they ruined our site!!! 2 times in a row! First thing that I noticed was that they changed the language in the admin panel (which influence the language on the site!!!) and never changed it back! And second - they made some changes that ruined all the pages and ruined all the work that I’v done! After that - I was able to restore the site from the backup and continued working on it, leaving a review with 1 star for a developer. They answered that I’m lying and that they didn’t change anything (only 2 had an access to the admin panel - me and them. And only one of us prefer English as a language of an admin panel, my own language is not English so I use another language for the admin panel).

But this is not the end of the story. Today, early in the morning, while I was sleeping, I received a letter that the new website was built on our domain. Brand new site with zero information etc. instead of the site that I created! The letter also included the access to this new site (my own password was deleted), and the login for the access in the letter was exactly the same that I gave to the developers - “[Removed]”!!! Was it a signature that they actually crashed our site? They are the only one who had access besides me. And I was sleeping during the creation of the new site (and obviously I would’t do it). [Removed]

If it was not them then how on earth all this happened? Could somebody explain me to help preventing the same situation in the future?

And what should I do now if it was their work after all? Because this is outrageous. We don’t want to stop using the theme, because we finished our site and soon we would release it on the main domain, but we want justice, things shouldn’t be done like that by the developers. Customers should have protection from this and such behaviour should be punished.

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I’ve removed authors names as per community TOS as we don’t have the full details.

This is a matter better raised with suppprt https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

For what it’s worth they are one of the most experienced and respected authors on the marketplace and it definitely doesn’t sound like something they would do.

Support will nevertheless be the people to talk to.

Okay, so who did this then? I don’t believe in ghosts.

And you know, there is always a people factor like we say here. So sometimes even in the big company with a great reputation one can find a person that would do not the best things.

Anyway, I will talk to the support, I didn’t find this opportunity by myself that is why I left a message here.

Thank you.

We’re sorry to hear you’re having this amount of trouble with your website, but as my colleague said, they are extremely well known developers on the marketplace and very well respected by buyers and authors alike and it doesn’t sound like something they or any author for that matter would do, since getting 1 star ratings unfortunately happens, and we’ve learned to deal with them in our own way, but this sort of behavior would leave an author, regardless of how many sales or how old he is on the marketplace with their account suspended, so I highly doubt this is the case, but, the best solution for you is to contact Envato Help & Support Center and solve this via Envato’s Support channel. The community can only speculate on this matter and for you that is not a solution. Get in touch with Envato for further information on this matter using the link i’ve posted. Cheers!

But I actually didn’t mention the name of the developer. The theme that I’m talking about is

Both me and my colleague saw the mail screenshot you posted that was removed, and the name of the developer was there, that’s how we knew who the developer was. Please get in touch with Envato Help & Support Center and they’ll get in touch with you more on the matter.

It was not the name of the developer, it was the name of the login that I made for them, and login was based on the name of the website were I left the ticket for the developers, only today I checked the actual name of the company on themeforest.

And I already send a message for the support, yes, thank you. I should have done it from the beginning but I didn’t find the place to do it.

In either case, issues like these get solved via support! Sorry to hear you’re having issues but at least I can point you in the right way! Glad to have helped!