frustated with Author theme opencart

I recently bought a jewelry theme for my website running under opencart from an India company author(s), Following community rules I won´t say who is the Author.
I bought thinking it could be impressive to show my clients and generate more sales.
I followed step by step all upload instructions from Author to my site.
then my site crashed, went out for some hours. Chaos. Everything went down.
Hoping to solve, I had to reinstall Opencart in my site to restore everything. and everything turned out to normality without that theme, what a relief but I had already spent that money…
Trying to be patient and kind I claimed to Author requesting support and giving them all access information hoping this could be the solution.
Author emailed me that access information was incorrect, send them again for second time, receive same message, ok, send again, and…third time I surprisingly receive this: “Can you please send your store admin details with login URL,” what? can´t they read text messages ? don´t they understand something called text? or wait… maybe this company is taking customers as dumb people?.

Tired of that not funny game, I requested for a complete refund, Author replied me “there is not refund” with another cynical message “could you give us your access admin details with login url??”.

After this Author replied me "you’re upload so many other theme files so, that theme not perfectly installed. " , say what???..are 5 themes a large number of themes to crash OC?? it doesn´t, so I just guessed is that another false excuse to not providing a fine support.

What I think is that kind of authors is they are designing and selling with a deliberate purpose a broken item through Envato,selling platform, with lot of bugs that are meant to crash sooner or latter, and then, when that chaos happens, they forgive about not giving support or refund, they make you to sweet and play with your pátient as a dumb game of words and screenshoots in order to delay and meant to create customer that he or she was wrong requesting help. A very smart strategy there is not doubt. But it discredits all other Authors and platform itself.

I wonder if Envato is fully aware of these ecommerce theme authors .

A theme under usd30 is not a lot of money, but IS STILL AMOUNT OF MONEY and if I left this unclaimed more customers shopping this theme will experience same frustation.
I hope some of Envato support could read this post, I will search outside, by the moment I got frustated. I don´t want to buy anymore from Envato store.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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Thank you, I have created a support ticket, and await for a feedback.

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