problem with themes

Hello guys,
I have purchase which only supports OpenCart 2.3.0.x since i downloaded it i realize that was not compatible with my opencart 3.X and no refunds since i downloaded it. then i purchase and download another theme to install it on my opencart but there were more than 24hrs since i contact support about errors and no response so i delete it since i realize that there wont be any response from them. is there a way to get a refund from any of these 2 themes?
Since im in a rush im planning to get another theme but im not sure if i want to get more themes from here anymore.


please don’t purchase theme one by one for testing to work with because if you download the theme then refund may not be done except bugs in the theme and author not support you.

Please give time your already purchased author to get back to you and assist you.


Its been more than 24hrs and after they enter the site to fix their theme and they told me that it was OK but there was an error on the site so i needed to do something, I was waiting until today morning and i put the side down since people were looking at it. Few hours ago i deleted it to start a fresh one since I try to find contact details of evanto support but as they say you cant get refund if you download the product


If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form.