One of my top rated product is soft rejected please help out

Dear customers support team envato

Please help me out with an issue. It’s been more than 3 months and one of my quality product was rejected. I am sharing the URL so that you can also check out and see why is it not getting approved.

I have submitted the application’s code after completely sanitizing the code but still it’s not getting approved. Please check out and kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible

We have sanitized our product for more than 3 times now but every single time we submit our product there’s again an issue and again it’s got rejected

Can we please ask from other authors that what type of encryption methods do you support in products ??? So that it helps us out

Because with the going back and forth it’s not getting our product as approved.

Any help will be highly appreciated

Here is the link to my product (which is soft rejected)

It’s not getting approved please look into the application’s code and let me know when is it going to be approved… Also please explain about the encryption method which is supported at envato

Thank you