One Approval, then Rejections

I’m starting with music production and submitted 10 tracks so far. 1 was approved and has 4 sales already. All my other tracks have been rejected, without the option to re-submit them again.
I focus on piano music, I would say that the general sound of the piano is quite similar in all my tracks I have so far.

Here is an example of a rejected track:

And here is the one that got approved:

For me it’s hard to tell why the one got approved and the other one rejected.
I’m thankful for any tips and feedback!

I would really appreciate any kind of feedback! :slight_smile:


Just had a listen to both track, and frankly the one that was approved is much better. It’s smoother, packs more emotion and generally works well in my opinion.

The one that was rejected has that cliché chord progression which, while it’s usually the typical AJ chord progression, calls for more epicness than you delivered. As a listener we are expecting it to build, here it feels a bit empty and underwhelming. The drums for instance are too weak and fake sounding. The choir(?) is completely drown out…

This is just my opinion, take for what it’s worth :slight_smile:

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Hey PurpleFog: I am not the OP but I still want to thank you for the feedback. I think you have some understandable points, while I really find it hard to tell, what works and what not on AJ. Still I think I can understand your mentioned points.

Regarding your rejected track, EduardoEllmayer: I also think that the percussion are too “weak” and not “confident enough”. The beginning generally maybe sounds a bit too empty with just the piano arpeggio? According to the help-desk guide article it says “come to the point quick” - so maybe it is this as well? Hard to tell for me at the moment, since I am new on AJ, hehe (while I am producing professional music for over 15 years already, but AJ seem to have different rules).

All the best with your next upcoming track! (=

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hey, thanks for your feedback! Those are good poins and definitely help my further process!

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thank you as well! Yeah I totally feel the same, it’s really hard to tell what works and also understand the reason behind a rejection.

But anyway, we won’t give up :slight_smile: all the best for you too!