One accepted, the other was not.

Hi, I submitted to tracks. One was accepted while the other was not and after reading the “tips”, I’m still not sure why. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.



first, the composition and arrangement are beautiful but you get problems with the mix and MIDI programming.

Try to avoid your parts to be too much quantized. You need to get an organic/human feel through the way you play and program MIDI and use samples. Some tricks: avoid samples repetitions, use many different articulations to make your motifs/melodic line more expressive, use controllers midi 1,7,11 and adjust the beginning of the sample (if the sample is slow to start in the middle of a line move it more to the left on the grid) if needed to connect your notes in a melodic line.

Your instruments lack hi end. They sound muffled and harsh. Instruments are peaking one on the other in the mid around 500-3000 hz. Make place for your piano in the mid around maybe 300-1500 hz and still add to it more definition (hi end), your guitar could have its place around 2000-4000 hz. Strings could have more definition. Add way more hi end to them (4000-16000 hz). You need more sub energy in your kick and bass. In that piece I would put the bass more in the sub (around 50-100 hz) and the kick above in the punchy area (100-200 hz). Still the two need enough sub and bass. You need each instrument to get a place in the spectrum to peak more than the other to get a clean and intelligible mix. Use more reverb and maybe delay (the drums in particular sound very dry).

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

It does! Thanks.