Need some help in getting my track accepted


Hello guys! If you have some free time and inclination, please, try listen to my track and tell what are the chances that it gets accepted. Should i improve or change something in it?


I think you have good chances to be accepted. I would work a little bit more on piano sound. Play with velocity and add some reverb and delay maybe to make it less “midi”.


I really can’t imagine this being accepted as is right now. It sounds really stiff and robotic to me. Musically it’s all over the place and too busy. The piano just feels out of control at times rather than having a tight musical theme. The way you have it it’s just not very commercial.

The percussion and drums part just don’t vibe with this at all when the first come in. A few places harmonically sound like they aren’t working between the bass and piano part. Overall though tighten up what your musical ideas are (simplify) find a better higher quality sound for your drums/percussion and make sure harmonically all your instruments work together. I hope this helps!


I agree with illuminations. Sound very mechanical. :frowning: To get better sound, check midi settings and change vst plugins/samples for more relevant.


Illuminations has it! I think the bass part sounds stiff and robotic, maybe a different piano sound too, turning down the velocities and giving it some dynamics could help too. Keep it simple, but don’t make repetitive. The drums are very simple and the pieces don’t sound tied together, maybe some new sounds for the higher frequency hardware. Overall it is a great start, and just keep writing and keep practicing at your craft!


Thanks! I am new to commertial music and your points are very helpful.


Thank you all for your time and suggestions! I didnt think it sounds so robotic and midi so this is interesting. I paid too much attention to piano part and missed the overall picture.