Offering a refund to client

Is there a way to offer a client a fast refund? If not, we need one!
If there is,I have missed out on this info. so please update me. I rarely need to provide one, but when I do, I want to make it fast so the client is satisfied. So I send via payPal and I lose out on the Envato cut. I can no longer afford to do this. Envato needs to help us out in this area.

I just send them the official link and tell them that if they experience any issues in communication with envato, they shall reach out to me again. Takes around 3 days I think.

I do not send them money via paypal just so they have their 20 dollar a few days earlier. Especially if the item is not broken but the refund has other reasons.

I think couple of days is reasonable. If there were some mechanisms that let us refund someone automatically that might have benefits, but could also be abused.

I think You don’t have permission to do this! I know your feelings but you should wait for official envato process. Remember there are fake customers too!

Just do it via official way. Refunding them on your own is absolute nonsense!!! What if the buyer dispute the original purchase via his Bank? You will lose double your money. Also, if you refund him from your own pocket, he still own the license and is free to use the item and get updates!!!
It is cool that you want even your ex-clients satisfied, but this horrible way to run your business. Your clients are NOT your friends, especially the ones who want to refund the purchase. There are official ways how to handle it, just follow them.

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ok, thanks T. I will follow this advice in the future.

I always check if they are legit and weigh in if they are giving me a credible complaint. My most recent, was an Element project that just wouldn’t open on his Mac platform. No time to figure it out… so just needed to provide a refund. If some projects continue to give me a headache I just take them down.

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I don’t agree… I want satisfied customers. Imagine you buy something and it doesn’t work at all. Now you feel ripped off. I want an immediate solution to that issue… not even wait days. Not everyone is out to rip us off. I have some that I have refused, cause it was their error or incompetence, which is a different issue.

In 10 years I have given maybe 2 or 3 refunds… but still that is 3 too many. So will follow Creattives advice in the future. However would prefer if Envato gave us immediate cancellation and refund on items at our own discretion.

I am not saying no to refunds, I am saying no to refunds from your own pocket.

not disagreeing… but I want a quick solution…and happy customer.

I see it like this: If I promise them to agree to the refund, and also promise them to deal with envato in case anything is not working with the normal refund request process, I solve the problem right away.

They will get their money back. They can be assured of that. If the money is on their paypal only a few days later is not an issue in my eyes. The problem is solved as soon as I say “yes, I agree to the refund.”
I do educate them that the speed of the refund process is out of my hands, but I will do anything to make this as smooth as possible and they can reach out to me if needed.

Not once I had a customer come back to me because the dealing with envato was unpleasant, even though I always offer this. In contrary, I have been very satisfied with envato in this regard.

The quick solution is not when the customer has their money back, but already when he has trust in your professionalism and that he is not getting ripped off.

Well, it’s not going to happen IMHO. You are not the only one losing money, Envato loses too. Making it the whole procedure as it is now creates some kind of buffer which gives a buyer more time if he maybe change his mind.

I was under the impression it took a week to weeks, but if it is days than I can accept that.
To refund like this is my choice of course. I prefer to take full responsibility of the issue,
and rectify asap, and not pass them onto a bureaucracy. However, I am unaware of the
process from the clients end to receive a refund. How much of a pain is it?
In the current days where we can expect overnight Amazon delivery, it would be nice to be able to offer a rapid response in this regard. A simple agreement note on our part to Envato and they are refunded within
Not a big issue… but I think an improvement.

??? I don’t follow your logic… but to each his own.
My choice, your choice.
No one likes to give back money, so I don’t see an abuse of this.
Leaving a customer with an overall good experience can only help Envato.

I have not been on the client side of things yet, but sometimes envato has reached out to me to confirm the refund and that has been few days later, if memory serves me right, in the last 1-2 years.
Earlier, I think it took longer.

But to me, the important part is: Never did I hear a complaint from a customer because he wanted his money back immediately. I had maybe 15 refunds or so in the last 8 years of being an author, so no big data set to gain insights from, but still, not a single complaint about the process.

that is good to know… thanks for sharing