NYE Flyer Reject



Got my new years flyer hard rejected, not sure why, if some of you could share some insight on why, it would be much appreciated.

here is the design:




Good design but not creative, must have a unique design


Design is too simple, and some of the text is hard to read.



Pfffff :))))) I dont know what indeed you guys dont like. as for me - a great job.


sorry to say just that but they are right , there’s a big feeling of deja vu hundreds of times , that’s a fact … and if the design is not bad, this is not great as u mentioned because if it were, then it would be close from perfect and then people would have very little to say about them, when there are some things which can be embettered indeed … . PLus, unless the background has been made completely out of a composition, what i do not believe , then this basically means that the creation is being very much depending on a background picture that people will have to replace, in other words, not so sure about what people will buy, download and how they feel when they open …


hi, as mentioned previously by Shane, indeed, despite your design is not bad, this can be embettered by finding a few additional originalities and by making sure that some of your texts are easier to read indeed , u also nee to check that the last line of the footer is not getting into the safety zone , too


Maybe this area was copied from him. Possible reason for hard reject.


hey bro :wink: in fact it depends if he did on his own or not … if he made the same (getting inspired), i guess this is ok but he uses what he downloaded , this is a different story lol