Whats wrong with this flyer - hard rejected - !!!! Don't understand reviewer

Hello Friends,
There seems to be non stop rejections and when they are not reasoned it becomes pretty difficult to understand where’s the gap.!!! These reviewers…whew… i dont know if they have a better eye … :(( Seems like taking out some personal grudge. It takes hours to come up with a concept and they simly reject it in one go.

Satgur, welcome to the club.
We dont really know whats going on in the head of the reviewers.
Great things are rejected and crap is approved.
I get your point.

harder and harder to understand the logics being this reviewing …

@n2n44 agree Nico, just like your 3 great items rejected.
And they approved really trash.

Yes, you know some of my items they have rejected are selling good somewhere else. People liking it. Reviewer seems to not justifying. I could also see they approve same looking flyers, but this flyer of mine is different than usual ones.