Not understood reason of reject

Hi, How can I to know what the reason of reject my track?

you can ask here on the forum

I do it now:)

To help you on the forum you should share your demo track


Hey Vladi,
I honestly think this is a very great composition! A really good chillout piece that I enjoyed listening to.
However I think it’s not commercial enough, at least in AJ’s reviewers eyes. Maybe stick to 1 theme, not too many changes and probably keep your submissions short (2-3 minutes)

It could also be the vocal sample(?) not sure just sharing my thoughts.

I am only trying to think from AJ’s point of view, I personally think like I said above, it’s a lovely track! :slight_smile:

Thanks. But I think , every track can find it’s listener. I do not think about commercially or not. Must be intresting or not intresting. Must be music and not effects and sound only.

That’s true, I had the same idea about some of my earlier rejections. “Let the buyer decide” I thought to myself.

Of cause. And I do not know what the reason