Why was my song rejected?

Hi… do you think the reasons why my song was rejected are related to arrangement or reasons like mix or lufs? thank you.


I think it’s a cool track, there’s nothing particularly “wrong” with it but I feel it’s more a song
standing on its own. It could work well in a playlist, on Spotify etc.
A lot of clients here buy music to complement and support their production (video etc.) so you might want to keep that in mind when you compose music for this library.

thank you for your valuable comment i will keep that in mind

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Hello Unsal
I think it is cool track. I like the solo instruments. At times the mix does feel a bit busy with all the percussion instruments. Snare sounds very repetitive by the end. Sometimes when I upload I try to give examples where a track could be used in a commercial context. Try uploading a few versions. A short version, maybe a minimal version with limited percussion and a normal edit. Don’t give up on it. Best bit is that cool break at the end. Hope that helps.

Thank you Benmanhire for your valuable comment…Maybe I should upload the same song in several different variation times.

I think it’s cool! Great use of guitars in that style that def took me by surprise. There is not really a lot of rhyme nor reason to the approval process here, don’t let it get you down. That said, it’s probably not a great fit for AJ just based on what the usual music is around here. General mix critique would be that you could probably stand to do a bit more automation to keep things moving through the sections, but i’m as guilty as anyone for not automating enough :stuck_out_tongue: cool track!

Very very nice, would be a good film music. The mix sounds a bit unfinished to my ears. Maybe not commercial
enough for AJ but hey this piece has potential. Don’t give it up.

Thanks Robert for your valuable comment.

Thanks Audioland I won’t give up

I’m not author at audiojungle. But i think it’s great Mr.Ünsal Yılmaz. :blush:

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@Unsalyilmaz93 . What may sound natural to you, because every region and culture in the world has its own musical uniqueness, it may sound too exotic for the rest of the world. Its just a matter of perception. Just listen to how ‘eastern’ music sounds in major productions, in movies e.g. They are keeping the main elements, strings or ouds which play in specific scales, but everything else is adjusted to fit to large audience perception. I agree that you kept the authentic vibe, except for the drum track, but the leading themes, and the underscore elements are way too convoluted for their purpose. Try to adjust the quantity of eastern specific elements and use them wisely. Use less musical information. Simple , catchy phrases, easy to translate to average , non musical educated audience. And more important, pay attention to the space . Your music needs to breathe. Give it time to develop and let it tell it’s story. At this moment, everything is just a race from the beggining of the song till the end. PS. The electronic drumloop does not help your track. It’s a not too great programmed breakbeat-ish drumloop which doesn’t contribute at all to the dreamy, eastern vibe of the track.
I am not a reviewer, and this is just a subjective opinion. Good luck with further uploads.

Thank you very much Grandphic :pray:

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Thank you Soundtrickz… Your valuable comments are a guide for me.

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Hello Unsalyilmaz93 ! I tell You my opinion. As for the compose, arrangement, the instruments, everything is great. The reason for the reject is mixing: the bass is lowly, it is hard to hear in the mix (bass is the foundation of the composition), because of this, the whole composition does not have a dense sound and does not have a phantom center (instruments are scattered in space and do not have gluing). Simply placing the instruments in a panorama and adding reverb is not enough to create depth and space, this task is solved in a complex way - the volume level (which is near, the louder), frequency processing (for instruments near to the listener, clearly audible the lower middle of 200-300Hz and high frequencies 3000 - 20,000 Hz , for instruments in the background - vice versa) and MidSide processing with equalizer of instruments for even greater clarity of position in space. Reverb is the final touch in positioning instruments in space. I’m sorry, i not a native of English well and it’s hard for me to tell everything in detail. Good luck !!!

@Unsalyilmaz93 Hi, I think it has potential, though it’s indeed a bit a race to the end. So in addition to what @Soundtrickz and @bobfox are saying: I think het lead instruments are sounding to muddy. Maybe that happened by compressing to much. So give them more space (limiting the frequencies of the other elements a bit and not overcompressing). Try to get a clear sound. These are my 2 cents. Good luck!