Items reject

Hello, my 3 last tracks were rejected without any explanations, can you please help me to understand why they were rejected.

This is one of them:

Hey, it’s a cool track, the reject was probably due to style, as reviewers primarily look for straight-up commercial tracks, the ones you hear and instantly say “alright, this sounds like something I’d hear in a Pepsi ad”, even though this track might fit in some timelapse video of a guy repairing his bike or something like that.

I’d probably humanize and brighten up the drums a bit more and refine the synth presets to sound more…expensive/modern, but the feel of the track would still be the same.

Hello! I liked this track, it sounds like warmly and it’s nice. I agree with a comment above that the likely reason for the rejection is because the track is not entirely commercial. Listen to the top tracks! Maybe it will help you. Good luck!

Sorry to say, the quality is really poor. Both sound and the mood of the track are not good. As it’s been said before, check out the top tracks to understand client’s needs.

Amazing song.I really liked it.If you change it to CORPORATE style,Envato may approve it.
Good Luck Uzbek :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: