No Valid plugins

Hi I’m trying to download my plugins and I keep getting the following message
“No Valid plugins were found”
Can anybody help solve this for me?

‘download’ or ‘install’?

If it’s the later then make sure you are trying to install the actual plugin and not an entire download folder which could include all sorts of other files

I’m not sure what I’m looking for where will the actual plugin be found?

It varies how the author sets it up but if you open the zip folder that you download from codecanyon then if it contains things like documentation then there will be a plugin folder too.

If it’s just code files then that is the only zip you need

Alternatively screenshot what you see and share that here

This is what I’ve found in plugins but it won’t let me download the folder.

It sounds like you managed to install your theme, per your previous thread. That’s great!

Now you need to install the plugins that came with your theme in order to achieve the full functionality and features as shown in the demos.

As you have noticed per your previous screenshot, the theme comes with a “plugins” folder that contains various plugins within it. Please ignore these files; while it may sound counter-intuitive, you don’t need to touch those plugin files, and they are there for advanced users only.

Instead, because you have installed and activated your theme, you should see an alert that looks like this near the top of your WordPress admin dashboard:

At the bottom of this alert is a link that says “Begin installing plugins” - click that link. This will install the required plugins for you automatically. For clarity, you do not need to download any plugins at this point. They are already built into your theme, you just need to install them through the dashboard.

If you still have any troubles getting up and running with your theme, please read the documentation. It has detailed installation instructions that fully cover how to install the theme and plugins:

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I appear to be making some progress, I now have large text saying 404 then to the right oops were sorry something went wrong

Hi can anybody give me the correct procedure to download the relavant plugins for the template I have purchased. The template is CopyPress which is the Wordpress version.

Any help would be gratly appreciated.


Des Wilmot


Please check this:

Hope will help.


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Thank you I now have it running with correct plugins however I need to customise it now which looks a dounting task as I’m only use to Website builder.