I purchased Veen them but continue to get an error when attempting to install in WP.

I have downloaded the theme and when I go to install in to WP, I get the following error. “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I have not made any changes or modifications to the theme package. I submitted a ticket this morning (CST US) but have not heard back. And suggestions?

Assuming it is the WP version that you have - it sounds like you might be trying to install the wrong folder? Make sure it’s only the theme folder that you are using and not a complete download

Yep, I installed only the installable WP folders.

Hi @kinia_1,

Seems to me you are trying to install the theme here:
Plugins => Add New
where you should to install (Installable WP file only) from here:
Appearance => Themes => Add New

Hope will help.


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Thank you. I didn’t realize I had to upload it in a different area. This worked.

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