Package could not be installed

Just purchased a template to download into Wordpress when I try to download I get the following:-

Unpacking the package…
Installing the plugin…
The package could not be installed No vaild plugins were found
Plugin Installation failed


Assuming it’s a WP plugin you bought then make sure you are installing just the plugin and not an entire download that may include other things like documentation etc

There are 4 different zipfiles
zip file Copypress 16,844KB
zip file Copypress-child 236KB
documentation 1KB

nothing seems to work

I’ve tried to download both the zip files but get the same message

First install via WP admin the 16,844 zip Then install the 236kb one

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I presume you mean download in the plugin section it won’t download the first part

I’m getting some sucess downloading in apperance but it doesnst have any images

It’s this item right?

This is a theme NOT a plugin

It also does not include the images - “All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not included in the template.”

This is common with themes

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