No response on uploaded app for review..!!

I had uploaded the item 10-15 days back. It was queued for review for 7 days and then suddenly removed. I did not receive any email regarding what was the issue. Was it rejected, if yes then why or if not rejected, then why its not showing for review.
I uploaded it again and same thing happened after 4 day.
Someone Please suggest what might be the reason.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @TridentStudio

If you do not receive any e-mails, you may not have the Item Review Notification box checked. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and check the “Item Review Notifications” box.

If you do have that option enabled, please check all your e-mails - including the Spam Folder.

Regarding the disappearance of your item, if you cannot see the item in your portfolio and it is not in the Hidden Items tab, then it most likely got Hard Rejected.

I understand that due to the fact that you were not aware of this process, you submitted that item again, but please DO NOT resubmit hard rejected items. This may result in revoked upload rights.

So make sure you thick that box for future submissions to get an e-mail when your item is accepted, soft rejected or hard rejected and you will know what steps you need to take further.

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