Uploaded Item went missing

I had uploaded my app source code and it was under review for past 5 days. However today when I login I don’t see my item being shown in Queue. Neither did I receive any email from code canyon updating me about my items status.
Pls advise

Thank you

There are three possible scenarios:

  1. Your item is Accepted → It appears in your portfolio
  2. Your item is Soft Rejected → It appears in the Hidden Items Tab
  3. Your item is Hard Rejected → The item disappears from queue

In order to receive an e-mail with the results you must enable the Item Review Notification enabled. You check if this feature is enabled by going into Settings → Email Settings. If it’s not enabled, please thick the box. You’ll receive e-mails for future submissions.

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Thanks for the explanation. I did not receive any email regarding reject. I would believe its rejected. But how do I know the reason behind rejection so any corrections can made

You can show your rejected item here so that other authors can tell you what the problem might be.