NO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE, NO, NOOOOOOOOOO.has been rejecten 12 times WHY?)))))

It’s very repetitive.

Lack of dynamic contrast.
Lack of expression.
Lack of variety in the arrangement.

I think your track needs to be much more richer and more diverse, not in terms of music or melody, but first of all in terms of sound design. The time has not come yet, so do not waste your nerves on failure.

I am nobody to give lessons, and this is just my opinion, but even with the first few seconds, with 4 notes of piano, we know that AJ would reject your track. All notes seem to have the exact same velocity and sound very robotic…

Everyone move away from the main problem, the song has no good “compositional” basis (harmony, melody, arrangement), it sounds like an amateur’s work, that’s all

There is no possibility to point out what is to be improved because after listening to this song I can only say that you do not have the basic composing skills and necessary knowledge.

I recommend you watch the guides on the yt (for example

or buy a course “from 0 to the hero” etc.

and always be honest with yourself, compare, referance your work to best selling tracks here.

All the best :blush: