My 4 Rejected. What do you think of it?

Hello! I have already received five Hard Rejected, that will advise to improve and in what direction to move. Thanks for listening!

For the 1st one
too long and the sense of adventure come lately after the middle with soft rhyme in opposite to the story you are trying to tell, something confusing

For the 2nd one
too fast for corporate and week story telling

For the third one
This is beautiful but similar to Violin artist Lindsey with confusing feelings

For the final
Another confusing of sense as from 0 to 24 it epic, from 24 to 41 descrease in the tone and being more soft, from 42 to 58 there is some noisy electric instrument with load level contrasting with other wwhich caused some confusion.
As in any music you should tell a story according to ( Introduction, Middle and rising, climax to the end of the events

Thank you so much! Yes, I really have great difficulties in creating the structure of the composition and it’s hard for me to withstand the mood of the whole track in one direction. Your feedback helped me to understand this.

An then bigger corp. then silly rules and kidding simplify products they need. Unfortunately not interested in something new but pref to useful guitar piano and rhythm composition to sell something right it.

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

I think that the arrangement is a little bit poor and not so interesting matching nowdays standarts.

Try to listen top tracks here on AJ, especially in your favorite styles. Try to achieve that quality and sound. Your music must meet the profession standarts and have commercial value for video projects. Also I can recommend to learn on YouTube tutorials, courses more and keep going to write music. Write the music you would buy for yourself.
The quality of tracks on AJ is improving day by day so you have to match this and permanently work hard and learn I believe.
I wish you will get it!

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:

Your MIDI sounds a lot like… well MIDI. I liked the sound of the corporate track(until the strings came in, you might wanna work a little on that), only the chords were not THE corporate chords.
The piano of “Piano And Violin” would have needed some pedal for the broken chords. Also the samples didn’t sound too great here as well.

It’ll take some time and practise, but I think you’ll get there. I’m at the beginning of my AJ-journey, as well.

Thank you so much! I listen to the audiojungle trends and try to improve my mixing and composition. I hope this helps …

Thanks for your feedback! He is very valuable to me

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I do not quite understand what you mean …

Nevermind .

Important. I want to create unique music, but first I will need to master the commercial framework and then dictate my terms.

I think the music itself is good, it may need better rearrangements to improve the story telling,

But I think in general you need to work more on your Mixing and Mastering Skills, to me I was more of a composer than a producer so I know your struggle with mixing, but in order to survive these days as a modern composer in a home studio, you need to be a good producer as well, in fact in time your will realize that the mix is part of the composition.
I encourage you to take your time to learn Mixing, invest on premium courses, and learn how to use Levels, Compression, EQ, Filters, Panning.
Also one tip that could boost your mixing and mastering skills is to use a AB Plugin which can easily allow you to compare your mix with other artists of your choice to see what the mix needs.

I also encourage you to research more about improving the realism of Midi mock-ups.

I don’t take AJ rejections as a negative feedback, in fact my music quality has improved because I needed to meet a stubborn badass reviewer’s expectation, consider this as a free quality check! if your commercial music is approved in AJ, then it will be approved and up to the quality anywhere.

Thanks for the expanded comment. Of course, I work further on commercial quality, but since I am a beginner both in composition and in mixing, this process is slow. Certainly good when there is feedback

a lot of work here, :slight_smile: I love your style.
well, let’s see.

  1. I don’t like the strings from the start, the sound is weak… … you also start with some ambient and environmental feelings and then it takes 47 sec. to change rhythm, more danceable, etc… that it’s a little bit surprising to me. It’s better to have this before, at 20 seconds f ex
  2. Fast. The sound is the usual I listened here… nothing new, I agree with @HardEdgeie , you need to develop better the melodic line.
  3. I thinK you have here a nice idea , but I smell the same problem from the last track… define better the melodic line,. but is this a violin?? it sounds a cello to me, but this does some strange things from 1:23… again, define better a melodic line, and don’t let to go so free this “cello-lin” ;)!
  4. epic wind: good start, I love you staccatos, but you let them a little bit alone… I don’t like your horns from 0:53… sounds a little bit weird. I also would give more power and crescendo… it sounds variable and weak, when people probably are waiting for some war drums and tons of strings in a battle.
    I hope this helps… :slight_smile:
    good luck!

Thank you so much! Undoubtedly your answer is useful to me. I will draw conclusions … And I now want to send out my new track, you would not be able to listen before I send it to the review. I tried to make it wider than my previous tracks, but I would like to get feedback before reviewing.

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