No email notifications

For the last few weeks I haven’t got any email notifications from Envato. Nothing about approval or rejection, ratings, comments, nothing at all. I’ve changed email address in Envato settings but still nothing. I’ve created support ticket about it few days ago, but didn’t get answer from them either. Could somebody please check what is the reason?

Also not getting any email notifications from Envato that there is a new update for the plugins and themes.

Did you checked the checkbox “Get notified by email if this item is updated” on your downloaded items list?

The author has updated the plugin , but there is no notification .


There is always the default!

I know but sometimes people uncheck it, so just wanted to be sure. By the way, I’m not getting update notifications. As I said, I’m not getting anything, not even emails from buyers, so already got few comment about lack of support.

i never get mails if i use

I have the same problem. I contacted the support team several times and they did not answer anything specific.image

I think that sometimes there are problems in envato , but this is normal , this workflow is to be held ))))

From time to time I have seen emails get blocked. This can happen for a number of reasons, included if an email sent to you has bounced back to Envato (possibly even a badly configured auto-responder could do this). The only fix is to contact support with your email address and the devs can check if your email address can receive emails. You can also ask someone to send you a message through your profile page to check.

Some old threads:

ping @anthonybordonaro as per Not receiving any notification on item support messages 😩

This technical support answer to my problem.

We apologise if you have not yet received an update from our Quality Team about your file. We are currently experiencing a very high number of file submissions: Our Envato Family is growing bigger and bigger with more authors submitting more and more awesome items and we have new authors joining every day!
Our review team is working hard to clear the backlog and I just wanted to apologize for the late response and ask you for the patience during this process.

What is it?

What is it? It’s a process)))

I sent a message to Anthony. I hope he will answer and will repair process:(

Hi all,

I spoke with AcV26 last week and his emails are now sending correctly.

If this happens to you it’s most likely due to being added to our rejection list on on our email platform. You can read more about why that might happen here.

In the event you are not receiving emails please contact the Envato help team.