Don't receive any email notifications

Hi everyone,

I didn’t receive any email notifications (for comment, update, …) from 2 days ago. It worked fine before. My email settings are correct. Is there anyone who can help me?


Hi, I have the same problem too.

I saw my project soft reject after one day on the Videohive hidden items section. I didn’t receive any mail with approved or rejected.

Same here, but i think this is a gmail problem…

Same here. Not receiving any notifications either, for comments for example. Anyone figured out a solution for this?

Just tested and sent myself a message via the contact form, that came through without issues though.

I don’t get any notifications on new reviews/replies to comments either!

@KingDog @BenLeong - we, authors don’t get emails when someone contacts us from our profile page forms either

Heya. Our teams are looking it. Thanks!

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I have same problem, my customers send support request via support tab, but I did not get it

We have the same problem.

For me it’s sorted now - they confirmed it was something to do with google outages and had to do a reset.

It has not been fixed yet. We got exactly the same problem. Since few days, we do not receive any messages sent via Envato’s form located on the right hand side at author profile’s page.

The same problem

What I did is send a ticket to Envato Author Support

This is a problem with gmail. Send a message to the support. They will reset your email and everything will be back to normal.