No earning after 3,843 relevant traffic

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I have Impact Affiliate account. This is the stats of last year:

The problem is affiliate bonus comes after someone adds credit following sign-up, not for specific product sales. This policy is harmful for everyone:

  • Envato,
  • Authors,
  • Affiliate earners.

If Envato changes the policy to “Product Purchase Affiliate” then it will be helpful.


This is too tough to find out new clients. Sometimes old clients are coming back. We can create affiliate links for specific product, but we can’t get commission for the sale of that specific product. Even, if the earning shares only 10% of price, then it would be considered nice too. We don’t need 30% commission from “Credit Add”


What does “Actions” mean?
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I made a video suggesting how CodeCanyon (and also Envato Market) should change. I pointed out also the flaws of the current affiliate system. Check it here:

I dont know if anyone noticed it or not - affiliate systems are generally for customers so that they can refer the products they like/use and earn some commission at the same time.

But here on Envato its totally different, the affiliate system is designed for authors to refer their own product and earn commission on their own product.

No end user will ever go through that lengthy impact radius signup procedure and submit their tax documents and wait for their account to get approved.

So the referral program should be simple just like any other service.

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You have a good point here. Even the sign up process is not so easy to pass, many of my customers who wanted to promote my products reported being autorejected at sign up.

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Exactly, that’s what my point is. The referall program is literally targeted towards authors themselves, so its a loop where author is referring their own product to earn more on their product. I am not sure how does this even make sense.
@BenLeong can you please tag someone who is responsible for the Affiliate section so that we can get some answers.

Hi @sre,
Emile here from the affiliate team.
Actions on Impact refer to one of three events all of which are only triggered on the successful referral of a new customers making their first purchase.
Sign Up - triggers when a new user opens an Envato Market account
Purchase - This action captures the item data, customer geo etc
Credit Added - Triggered when the customer makes their 1st purchase.

These can be seen as confusing as we know, it’s no longer possible to ‘credit’ and store credit on an Envato account. We are working with Impact to have these changed and simplified very soon!


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Hi @CodeRevolution,
Thanks for creating this informative video, we take all feedback on board and will use it to develop our long term strategy to provide a ‘best in class’ affiliate program for all the envato community!


Hello Emile, thank you for your response, I am really happy that I could help with feedback from an author’s perspective! :slight_smile:

If you need more info on anything, feel free to get in touch any time.

Thank you for your great work,

Affiliate system of Envento is different from common affiliate system.