A big flaw with New Envato Affiliate Program

I have been noticing I am not earning a single dime through all the referral traffic I direct through my Impact Radius account for purchases done on Envato main sites (excuding Envato Elements).

Upon closer inspection. I noticed this

  1. Envato says they give 30% to Credit Added. We all know they discontinued that service 2 years ago as mentioned in this article https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016557971-Envato-Credits?irgwc=1&clickid=3vLSH80d-xyLRwlwUx0Mo3EFUkEwE1xEJw4%3Ay80&iradid=298927&utm_campaign=elements_af_123201&iradtype=ONLINE_TRACKING_LINK&irmptype=mediapartner&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=impact_radius&mp=adgoal%20GmbH

So basically we get nothing.

$0.00 on Sign Ups
$0.00 on Purchase
$0.00 on Credit Added.

So what’s the purpose of this Affiliate program then? The people I know who are earning from this are promoting Envato Elements. Can the Envato Team please fix this issue.

You get your commission on the first purchase of any new user. That’s all there is to it.

I referred two users I know personally gave them the links and nothing was credited to my account. Did this two times. Nothing reflected. Only that the links where clicked that’s all.

Hi @CreativeBae,
Emile here from the Affiliates team.
The points you make regarding Credit Added are valid. We are currently testing new actions types that will be more transparent and clear. You’ll notice ‘envato internal’ on the IO which is part of that test and hope to roll out an updated IO very soon.

As the program terms state:
*D. The applicable cookie period will be described in your Offer Terms. But generally speaking:
for Envato Market, if a person clicks your link, they have 90 days before the cookie expires;

In other words, if a user had visited an Envato domain within 90 days BEFORE clicking your link, the cookie would have already been set and therefore the purchase (new) would not have been attributed to you.

Our program is designed for affiliates with organic traffic sources who can easily scale, however ‘refer a friend’ type activity requires more manual intervention which is where things like cookie periods can become tricky.

Feel free to email me to discuss further emile.ben-atar@envato.com

hi credit do not exist her anymore since deposit are no longer possible