Envato removed credit system but what about affiliate earnings for audiojungle authors?

In my new Impact account it states 0 for purchases 0 for sign ups and 30% for credits see screenshot.

Well, now that envato has removed the credit system my affiliate partnership is worth nothing.

I spent 2 days to update all my spread out links in order to make it work in the recent changes at the affiliate system.

Let me tell you I’m very very upset about this and how it’s been conducted. I feel be fooled. I’m speechless.

I think you will received affiliate earning from compact to your local bank account

Withdrawal Settings:

You didn’t get this right. This is not about earning transaction to a bank account, this is about on what action your affiliate earnings is based on.

Hey Kirk,

Do not worry about what is written in the Impact account, it’s not accurate. You do get your 30% affiliate cut for purchases just as it’s always been.

I think @emile_b has been told about this wrong information, guess he hasn’t gotten around to fixing it yet.