Newly made account locked? Why?

Hi I just made a new account on the checkout page for a theme, and it tells me after I submit my credit card information that my account that I just made is locked. All i want is someone to resend me a email validation link, but its been three hours and I haven’t even been able to get that done.

This is very sketchy, if I can’t make a new account through checkout, why take my credit card info?

Idk if something is wrong with my IP and that’s why its taking so long, but this is the first time I’ve ever used this website so how can my account be locked? Could someone at least resend the validation link I know that can’t take so much time.

You should better contact support and send a ticket instead of posting the problem here.

This is a community forum. @ki-themes is correct, and in case you need it, here’s the link to contact support.

Take care.

The same exact thing has just happened to me. Did you ever get your issue resolved?

Contacting the support would help you to solve the problem

Same thing happened to me. I contacted support yesterday, still no response.

There was some sort of “issue” with my credit card and I had to use Paypal