Newest Items Error?

What is happening in the main page? All the newest items are videos of the same author.

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wow! something very surprised there around 600 Items published from that author on today! how this possible :thinking:

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this guy/girl author have good day :slight_smile: only he is on first page -I hope Envato will solved this…

Thanks for the report @videologio! We’re having a look now to see why this is happening; will update this post with more info when available.


Hello @rosssimpson

There are 2 issues as well, one in the newest item under the after effect tab, it shows some of the stock footages items there. And the author’s portfolio is down, it shows a white page with this message “We’re sorry, our search servers appear to be offline at the moment.” Please look to it :slight_smile: Thanks

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We’re sorry, our search servers appear to be offline at the moment.

I have the same

The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.


Good News: Resolved - This incident has been resolved. and now all fine.


Just following these two things up:

  • The original report by @videologio about the newest items section on VideoHive was due to that author uploading a large number of items in a short timeframe. We do take steps to show a variety of authors in the newest items section, but we don’t guarantee it, and in certain cases (like this one), a large number of new items will temporarily overwhelm the newest items section. As other authors upload their items, those items from the single author will get cleared out. As of now, that author’s items are now on page 8 of the newest items results.

  • Regarding the “search servers offline” message, we had an incident earlier today with the search system. As @mgscoder mentioned, you can always visit our status page to see the current status of our systems. The incident was resolved a little later in the day.