Newbie with Some Questions for the experienced People

Not new to music (been a musician with record & publishing contract), but def new to selling my music. Some questions i have buzzing around in my head:

  1. Is it best to publish all music with my PRO (under different titles for each one?) before i upload with Audio Jungle?
  2. I’m having a little trouble selecting the right category and names for my tracks (some could go in 2 or more categories). Whats the best way forward for this?
  3. Do i begin uploading with and without Audio Jungle watermark or send a quick sample to them first, so they can see the quality and if they actually want it!

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome!

  1. Doesn’t matter when you publish it to your PRO
  2. Use descriptive titles and choose the category you feel are the best for your track. The reviewer may change the category if she thinks its wrong.
  3. You’ll have to upload all your files both with and without watermark for review.
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Thankyou Hyperprod.
Can i edit before a review?, i think i forgot to add watermark!

No, you would have to delete the upload and upload again. But a missing watermark will probably lead to a soft reject, which will let you add the watermark after the review.


  1. All top rated and pro players were not pro at first… All you need is the first push… you will do great :slight_smile:
  2. Always go for good descriptions, titles and make sure to search out SEO optimized content if you are really looking forward to have your tracks to be sold in the market. But always make sure that all tracks titles are as per the standards of market otherwise Envato support team reviewer may remove them
  3. Watermark won’t be a best option to have them right in the first place ever since you are uploading the first time.

If you need any further help just let me know. I will be happy to help you out

Looking forward


Thank you Promotion King. I suppose it’s all a bit trial and error till I find my feet

Hi again.
Quick question. Do i need an album cover image? if so is there any info for image size, quality etc…