Newbie looking for help on "quality standard"

Hi, I’m new here, I like challenges and I would like to better understand how to achieve the required quality in my plugin … I tried uploading several times but I did not find success, I get an email with a message "unfortunately we found it is not in the standard quality required to move forward, "what in your opinion could I do to achieve the required quality? I believe I am also wrong in passing the main file, can the main file be the same as the preview file? I tried to follow the steps of the documentation, but for javascript I found difficulties of understanding.
I do not know if the problem might be in my plugin or somewhere like documentation, or visual …


The phrase “unfortunately we found it is not in the standard quality required to move forward” can usually be translated to “this item is not high enough quality to be approved as a premium item.”

If it is too easy for the average person to make on their own, or if there are similar free alternatives available and yours does not have a significant amount of new, more advanced features, then you will get rejected from the market.

In my opinion this item is too simple. Not only that, but it also has poor code quality, to the point where it is impossible to be approved as a premium item. Example:

$(this).find("img").css("display", "none");
$(this).find("img").fadeIn(50, function() {
    $(this).parent("div").height(get_max_height_img(v, $(this).parent("div").height()));
    $(this).css("margin-top", ($(this).parent("div").height() - $(this).height()) / 2 + "px");
    if ($(v.grid_id + " .button_more_grid").width() != $(this).width()) {
        $(v.grid_id + " .button_more_grid").width($(this).width());
        $(v.grid_id + " .button_more_grid").height(get_max_height_img(v, $(this).parent("div").height()));
        $(v.grid_id + " .button_more_grid").css("padding", v.border_size);
        $(v.grid_id + " .button_more_grid").css("margin", "0px");

You are aware that every time you execute $(str|obj) it calculates and creates an entirely new jQuery object, right? Repeating this over and over will use far more processor time than it should and can hang the page completely on complex sites and slow machines or phones. This is why you’re supposed to cache the jQuery objects once you create them the first time.

My personal recommendation to you:

  • Fix the code and make it efficient.
  • Make your code object-oriented for developers who want to do more advanced things with it or extend on it.
  • Make your demo look nicer, CSS wise.
  • Add more options to make this item more dynamic - be creative.
  • Document it in more detail.

… you are right, thanks for the detailed feedback, I could learn more about, I will try to follow the path that you have gone, I will improve this plugin. THX

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