New Voice Over Category in AJ

Anybody know how to do with this voice over?

I’ve been seeing that Voice Over category pop up in the menu on the front page for a couple of years now. It just comes and goes sometimes but has never been properly implemented.

It would be nice to have an official word from an Envato employee to see what it is and if it will ever be implemented.

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I don’t see any new category. Maybe tests.

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I dont have really idea what voice over is all about, I forgot to screen shot it :slight_smile:

Lol, I think Its a test for a new category. :slight_smile:

A couple of years you say. Then it’s like a ghost category. Spooky. :ghost:

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No new category. This was something they wanted to implement years ago, but for some reason didn’t (probably because it had more to do with Envato Studio than with Audiojungle). Since then, the Voice-Over category has been mysteriously reappearing in the menu from time to time, though it doesn’t link to anything. This probably happen when devs change something and inadvertently “reactivate” it.

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Thank you PurpleFogSound :smile:

Hahaha We need to call ghost buster’s for this issue. :alien: