Envato Studio Voice-Over Category is Live!

Hi all,

Matt from Envato Studio here and I am here to announce that today we have launched our newest category on Envato Studio, Voice-Overs!

That’s right, if you need a voice-over for your next explainer video or if you need a new voicemail message for the office, Envato Studio’s professional voice-over artists are here to help.

This initial launch features a small selection of professional voice-over talent, but we are always interested in more. So, if you would like to offer voice-over services and have a portfolio of work for our team to review, please fill out the form below.

On top of voice-over services, we are looking to add additional audio related categories on Envato Studio soon. While not yet finalized, the categories may include mixing & mastering, sound effects, jingles & drops and producing / composing. If these kinds of categories appeal to you and you have a portfolio of work, please also fill out the form below.

[ FORM ]

Have a great day!


thats great :grinning:

Great features :smile:

Good idea!

Super excited about this recent addition to the Envato Community! :grinning:

Great news!!! : -)

Great News! :grinning:

Super cool,
Maybe I’ll try the producing/composing :slight_smile:

Thank you, good to know and something to consider :smile: