Looking for help deciding which category I need on AudioJungle

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to Audio Jungle. I would like to post my second track. I find it difficult to decide which category to choose when uploading my music to Audio Jungle. Could you give it a listen and help me out? Thank you!

This is the track:

I called it Ambient Technology Background, because I thought that was the feel of it. But then again it might as well be Corporate Tech or Corporate Driving. Could be used for advertisement, backgrounds, etc.

What are your thoughts? Thanks again!

The most suitable category is “Electronica”

Thanks for your reply Lemonello! Does it not matter that there are guitars in it?

AJ has many “electronic” tracks with a guitar) To make the track “rock”, I would change the sound of the drums and bass)

Ok, thank you for your input. I didn’t want to go for a rock sound in this one. I had a “race game menu background music”-vibe in mind when I made it. I think the electronic sounds give it a more “tech”-like vibe then rock sounds would.

Cinematic Action, dramatic, adventure
:slight_smile: good luck!

Hi Kannonh, thanks for your response. Different point of view then Limonello there! Isn’t cinematic more orchestral / trailer oriented etc?

Hi Yannick_De_Pauw - That’s definitely a cross-over track you have. I hear it fitting in the Corporate/News category. IMO it would work well with hard hitting reporting, new ads, and documentary voice-overs.

Thanks for your comment. Seems like everybody has a different point of view on this. :smile: I’ll guess I’ll just have to make a decision and see where it goes. Thanks!