New track - please Help!

Please, tell me about my new track. I will really grateful for your comment! :blush:

Hey nice but your piano sounds out of tune around 1min 24, not good.

Thank you!
Yes … This is really strange. What should I do? Would you answer?

This won’t get accepted, you must get the piano tuned, no way around.

I used VST-instrument.

What DAW are you using? You should be able to go to that note and alter it to get rid of the detuned feeling. I also noticed there’s some noise floor and some occasional pops and clicks throughout. I’m not sure if those are an issue with encoding or if it’s just the piano sample you used but I would suggest using a low pass filter to clean it up a little bit and possibly a different sample if that doesn’t fix it. Overall the melody is very good and I see it having very good commercial value, it just needs to be a little more clean and crisp.

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Yeah my only suggestion would be to use a higher quality VST for the piano. Curious which one you are using. For solo piano the sound/sample quality really has to be quite good. I’m hearing a bit of distortion on some of these notes as well

Thank you!

Yes, thanks) I used piano-VST Alician Keys. But I thought, that It is one of the best Vst-pianos…

hmm, weird… I have Alicias Keys too but I usually don’t get distorting like that on any of the notes.

For what it’s worth the track sounds pretty good to me other than the occasional very slight distortion and unlike the others I don’t really hear anything out of tune. I would be really surprised if Alicias Keys was out of tune unless you did some weird processing or manually went in and altered the tuning of the samples

Ok. May be I put on Master chanel
a lot of unnecessary filters…

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Only one note sounds out of tune, the rest sounds ok, maybe you did tweak something by error.


I understood you. Thanks for the advice. I am always in a hurry to upload to aj.
Your advice helps me refine the track.