New tools for fast editing of items

Hi there! This message is more likely to Envato Team, but i hope other authors support me. Recently i started full revision of my portfolio and realized that it’s very hard to maintain 450+ items one by one. My suggestion is, that we need a tool that can edit selected items by one click. For example, adding a piece of code to description area or edit AdRev, versions and etc by one click. I also know about extension for Chrome browser capable to do this, but i think we need built in and more flexible solution. Thanks and have a great day!


I agree. I don’t edit my tracks as there are a lot of them. and there is absolutely no time to spend 4 days on this. Envato, hire a couple of dudes with brains to bring this idea to life

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Nice idea!
every time I have to edit items, I wonder why Envato still hasn’t made a convenient tool for all of us. that would be awesome!

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Great idea!

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Very good idea, mate!