Group editing items!

Hello! I would like to refer to Envato developers, I spent 2 hours to make some kind of links with pictures (doing this for each of my tracks separately), this is very inconvenient, please do the editing of group items. Because a lot of time is wasted! Other audiostocks have introduced this innovation and long ago, and here as the Stone Age!
Thank you!


yeah also, an “edit submission” when you are submitting and item is needed and edit all prices at once etc. I agree this is stone age! Hope this is fixed

Yes, I’m talking about group editing of items in general, not only prices but everything else!

I killed two hours for this tedious editing of each item separately! This is terrible and not thought out here! I’m waiting for the site developers here and their answer!

It would certainly be helpful, and I know I’ve brought it up before. Sadly it’s not yet a priority feature.


Thank you @KingDog! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: We will wait in line (I hope that they will consider and do it)!
Have a nice day!:slightly_smiling_face:

We could also hire someone to do this work for us. So I guess Envato is helping the worldwide market to grow … lol

@KingDog thanks! I have no idea why it’s still not possible to batch edit part of the description. I remember so many staff anouncements about need of improving item pages and keeping them visually interesting and efficent. But lack of the batch edit makes it impossible because editing even +50 items one after onother is soooo ridiculously time wasting. So we make visual update of whole portfolio once, maybe two per year instead of regular batch tweaking. I don’t know why it’s still not a priority. Implementing this will almost instantly rise a commercial value of whole market.

It can be done by adding new tab in settings where we could write lower part of description which will be common to all items. Upper part should stay unique for each item.

Other way is to create checkboxes in the portfolio and one batch edit button.


I totally agree with RedOctopus and others here!

“batch editing” is a feature I have been wishing since I started here. For instance, I just spent 12hrs updating all my items (102 at the moment) with new menu and quick search browsing. IMO, it looks better now. But honestly, if i had over 200-300 items, I am not sure if the time spent on this would be worth it…

For me, carefully designed art cover for every single item as well as portfolio and page look are both very important. It creates an instant professional look and raises the expectation of the listener (potential costumer)…and Of course, if the quality of the audio/music matches the already-raised expectation, it is more likely that the sale will take place.

I cannot say for sure if my sales are increasing just because of the way that my profile/item pages look, but certainly, it makes me feel good about it. After all, each single track we upload here (and I know this is the same with authors who are genuinely passioned about what we do) is a baby that were born in our hands! :slight_smile:

I wish all the best to you…and Envato…come on…make the batch editing a reality!

great request!

This would be a great feature to have! I also support this request. Being able to update with ease batch item pages would be a plus for both authors and envato on text and visual levels. I’m thinking about updating my pages with new visuals but when I know I have 300 pages to update I’m like…maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

This feature has been widely requested for almost a decade now. But as @KingDog said, for some reason they have no intention to make it a thing, and it is sad indeed.

Why? Well, simply because they enjoy watching us suffer.

@CleanMagicAudio, though it’s far from ideal, there is an add-on on Chrome that will let you make batch edits. It could help you save time, when you have many items to update.

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Nice! Is it efficient? Do you use it?

I’m not a Chrome user, but when Envato various policies made me have to edit my whole portfolio, this was a real lifesaver. Worked like a charm when I used it. But I only used it once or twice.