Editing Multiple Items at once

Hey there,

Some years ago I forwarded this topic and posted it in the forums, the Envato Team and all the authors that replied to that post was with positive feedback, agreeing with my point of view.

Basically what we need is the possibility to Edit Multiple Items in a bulk: whether it is the thumbnails or the descriptions (most important).

Now let’s make an example: You are a Graphicriver author and have 250 items in your portfolio. Below every item you have a description in html with all the other items available ( everyone does it) or maybe just your basic bio and your best works right?

If you want to change that, you have to do it manually for all the 250 Items, while in some other markets and shops, you’re able to Edit Multiple Items just for this reason.

If you’re a Top Photodune Author and have to 92500 photos with 92500 corresponding Item Descriptions to change, well you have to that manually.

p.s. I can’t even hire someone to do it for me, unless is a very trustworthy person, since will have access to my entire account…