New territory! Words of advice?

Hey everyone, I’m new to AudioJungle and just had my first submission/rejection so I already feel like I’m part of the team :smiley:

I’ll keep refining my compositions and mixing to hopefully get to accepted submissions, but in the mean time does anyone have any advice? I love writing and want to take advantage of these libraries if it means I get to practise my songwriting, production, mixing and mastering at the same time :smile:


Was there an explanation for the rejectsion? I have my first submission still in the review queue. Fingers crossed!
Good luck on your next submission.

"This submission does not meet our general commercial production (mixing/mastering/sample quality) standard, unfortunately"

And listening back on the mix I hear unnecessary distortion on the acoustic guitar, vocals and the mix could be nicer, more of a clean pop sound. I’m hoping it’s not my interface or microphone though…how much do you find your recording gear contributes to a clean sound? I just bought a new Taylor which sounds great but I would love to know how it sounds going through an Apollo interface instead of the 2i4 Scarlett one I have…hmmmm…

And of course good luck on your submission!!

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If you’re getting distortion, you’re probably recording too hot. Gone are the days of trying to record at highest level due to noise in the signal chain, so I’d recommend reducing your record signal quite a bit and then use some gain later on to boost the levels if needed.
I’m using a larger Scarlett interface too and I don’t think you should be having issues there as they’re pretty good.
Don’t know that mic though. I generally find the mic position and eq-ing can make a real difference. I also layer sounds and use exciters (sparingly) sometimes if I find it’s sounding slightly dull and needs some shine. In fact, sometimes I add even some distortion too to hi-hats! :wink:

Can distortion occur even if you’re not clipping? I always make sure my input gain isn’t in the red and I was getting what sounded like distortion from the dry signal, though I’ve upgraded my guitar since this tune :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m currently using a Rode K2 for everything, though I’m saving to get an SM7. I usually get vocals as close as possible to mic and pop filter without touching and for guitar around 12-15th fret, couple of inches away.

You guys should post soundcloud links to the tracks that were rejected, that’s what most people do on this forum, then you can get some good detailed feedback :slight_smile:

@GalaxyAudio ahaha yes I have seen other people do that, posted below :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting track! I think the market on AJ is not really suited to vocal songs and band stuff, unless it’s really commercially-oriented and generic/universal.

Personally I grew to love your song, the chorus at around 0:45 and the awesome instrumental hook after the chorus were really brilliant. However I am assuming the first verse may have put off the reviewer, it doesn’t start strongly. The vocals when they are exposed in the verses don’t sound so great, they are a bit anguished. Also the solo acoustic guitar recording sounds fairly cheap.

Overall I’m super impressed with elements of the production, there are some amazing moments. I love the harmonies and the wall-of-sound! The vocals sound at their best when you are singing in a higher register.

I have some other thoughts of ways in which this could be improved that extra 10% but I’m not sure they are relevant to the question of why this was rejected. By the way, the reviewers never give explanation for rejections, so it’s always valid to come to the forum for suggestions before you go insane trying to guess the reason!

One final comment; a fade-out ending is a big no-no with selling music for videos, you need to create an edit with a `button ending’.

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@GalaxyAudio thanks for the feedback! Guitar recording is shocking, working on that with better guitar and possibly better gear (but probably just better mixing!). And agree with vocals.

Didn’t realise about the fade out so thanks! I will make sure to submit versions with ‘button endings’ :slight_smile:

Going to upload an instrumental piece this week, ambient and uplifting, fingers crossed!

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@GalaxyAudio also would love to hear your thoughts on that 10% extra if you have the time?

cool song! echoing what others have said it probably just isn’t the right “commercial” fit for audiojungle but it definitely surprised me with how catchy it was.

Hi jmqmusic:) it’s very good and commercial song, as you can noticed each song on AJ has instrumental vesion, do 2 or 3 instrumental ver. and everything will be ok:)

Look at my song

Thanks @orbiterred, I’ve been keeping my mind open to the right sort of tunes for audiojungle now :slight_smile: