New template rejection: why?


After the rejection of a previous item, I made a new one which can be seen here:

But the result was also the same: a hard rejection; despite its code being organized; navigation perfect, responsive, it had all the bits I thought missing !

Other variation of it:

I started to grow desperate from ever getting my item published in envato.
So can you shed some light on the reason and I’ll be thankful.


With respect you need to forget this and spend some significant time improving your skills before trying to submit here.

  • this breaks every design rule in the book from typography to spacing, hierarchy, alignment etc.

  • there is not really a design concept there

  • It is miles from properly mobile optimised and responsive

  • the code doesn’t validate

  • half the navigation doesn’t do anything

Look at yours then look at popular items like this. That is what you need to be aiming for.

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Thank you for sharing your experience.
I will enhance my missing points.

Is there any extra points you have noticed? and thank you in advance.
Any person notices anything can share and I’ll be more than thankful.

Just to reiterate - this is not saveable by making some changes.

Trying to modify this and resubmitting is only going to waste your own, the reviewer, and other authors’ time.

You need to forget this previous submission and invest significant time in learning the necessary skills properly before trying to submit to any premium marketplace.