New system for authors.


At the moment," audiojungle " works on the principle of flow: the authors constantly have to write new tracks and upload them to your portfolio in order to maintain stable sales.
I will not go into the details of the system that works this hour. Everyone knows her.

I began to wonder why everything works that way and began to find a lot of details that lead to inconvenience for customers, authors and loss for the company itself.

Because of the large amount of monotonous material, customers do not want to use the search engine because they do not want to waste time. They take new tracks or go to elite authors. Therefore, the tracks are not gaining enough sales.

Authors constantly have to create new tracks that are similar to those that are already in the portfolio. And it’s like a sporting event.

Because of the fictional “commercial standards” tracks that could receive thousands of sales get “hard rejected”. I on personal experience might be certain, that tracks which not suited to such standards, have interested customers.
Also, the constant flow of new items consumes resources in the form of occupied space on the server.

In General, the situation at the moment has a large number of negative and destructive factors, which can be told for a long time.

My idea is as follows

In many services there is a system that gives more opportunities for authors, users, depending on its rank. Envato also has levels but they are not implemented correctly.

That in my opinion should look like this:
A new author creates his own portfolio and gets 10 places to publish his product if he reaches level 1 to his 10 places is added 5 more places. When the author reaches level 2 he gets 5 more places. The next level 3-gives the author 10 places for his goods, etc.

If the author does not have sales to reach a new level, it gives him a signal that he needs to change the repertoire for his music. The author removes those products that have views, but do not have sales and loads others in their place - this should happen until the author creates a product that will be needed by customers.

Customers should receive a message (when downloading a preview) that if the product will not have demand after some time it will be removed from the store. Thus customers will not postpone the purchase for six months, and then create threads on the forum (help to find the track).

It is necessary to weaken the requirements of “commercial value” as music is creativity and not one person in the world will not be able to predict 100% what music will be popular. The reviewer should only check the quality of the music.

P.S. Tracks are allowed to be deleted after 2-3 months if they have no demand from customers.


If this system is adopted we will get the following benefits:

The most important advantage. Customers will determine the products that suit them.

The authors will be able to know exactly what their products do not like customers and questions on this topic will no longer appear.

Customers will want to explore the authors ’ portfolios because there will be no tracks that sound the same.

The authors will make their product as flexible as possible: make 5 different versions, come up with a description, choose the right tags. If the author sees that his products which he published do not buy he has 1-2 months to prepare new tracks in replacement of those that are in the store without sales.

Also an important advantage: Reviewers will be relieved of the need to check tracks without stopping because for the authors there will be a break between downloads for 1-2 months.

There are many advantages that will make the service convenient for each party : Authors, Customers, Envato.

In conclusion, I want to say:

I am surprised that such a system was not implemented at the time of creation of the service. This system will make everyone as happy as possible.

After all, profit is important for us, it is important for the client to have a choice for all tastes.

For the authors who will begin to talk about the shortcomings of such a system: in the end, our task is to get the income from our work and make a quality product. So it is this system will motivate the authors to work out every detail in their product, and not as it is done now (writing a track in 20 minutes).

I do not hope that this system will be adopted, but I promised to announce it. This is the second time I’ve done this. Possible under the present situation it will get more attention.

P.S. On the example of my portfolio: there are tracks that are 4 months and have no sales. If there was a system like I suggested, I could replace them with new ones. but so they will be in the portfolio forever and interfere with the search engine to search. Imagine how many tracks similar on my have all authors Aj…