New sale but not counting

We saw that we got new sale one hour a go, is în statement but is not count at number of sales in profile.

Is not reversal, is ok in statement page.

Did you have the same issue?

Mine is fine

I think it’s due to “THAT” virus. maybe no is there to handle? or they are just doing limited work(Approve-reject)?

Are yo sure it wasn’t just support extension?

I’m checking everywhere, some item are showing 0 sales. even there actual sales are 2-3 in first day… So you are not alone…

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It says sale and price as for sale


please make sure what was actually sold! I think the sale is for (6 months extended support) so this sale is not item sale and will not increase the total sales count in your profile. for double check you can check Statements and the invoice of the sale.

In invoice:

In statement:

Why is SALE and in invoice is for support?

in your invoice and Statements (screenshots you provided) clearly mentioned 6 month renewed support. So, it is not item sale instead the item support sale. So, this support sale will not increase your total sale. total sale will increase only if item sale done. You have received payment for saling support (6 months renewed support sold) so it is showing ‘Sale’. Hope you clear now. Thanks

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Now is clear, but maybe for future, envato will make text from sale to support in statement.


just double think Sale to Support tag will not meaningful for getting payment. but it can be ‘Support Sale’ but it must be Sale. So, it is fine with ‘Sale’ tag and I think no need to change.

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