My sales count went down by 3

Hi, I have a problem, my sales down from 100 to 97 nether my earning, is there an explanation for that ???

Maybe someone took a refund

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What does your Statement tab indicate? Sale reversals and refunds would show up there, if this were the case.

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it indicates Sale Reversal, and meaning what in this case ?

Someone purchased your item with credit card and told the credit card company I didn’t make that purchase so credit card company cancel the payment to Envato, hence the sales reversal. [ I had 2-3 sales reversal in the past]

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thanks for all for the response

It means that the buyer cancelled the transaction through their payment provider. It could either be a buyer who didn’t know the proper channel for a refund, or that the payment options were stolen/hacked, and the actual owner cancelled their unauthorized payments.

In either case, this is considered fraudulent, and the buyer’s Envato account will be automatically locked. Unfortunately though, this is all that can be done, and your money is gone indeed.