Does support renewal count in total sales???

Hello I want to ask a question.
Is theme support renewal count in theme total sales??
I mean if i have 100 sales of one theme then one customer renew theme support then my sales will be increase to 101 or it will be 100??

Thanks in advance.

Surprise! :slight_smile:

You’re totally right: Envato counts all support renewals as sales.

That’s how Envato tricks everyone. Otherwise, all of us would see that the actual sales on Envato have been falling.

BTW, about a year ago we reported this issue as a bug, but Envato told us it’s not a bug: that’s a feature :slight_smile:

I am sure its not good feature. We need to contact at support . But thanks for confirmation.

Where are you getting this information from?

I think this is not true, as far as I know, those do not count under sales.

I’ll check it in the next support renewal but as I recall this is not the case.

Actually they do.

And yes, just look at the numbers after the next support renewal happens.

To what I knew, It increases as a new sale if some buyers purchase a support renewal.
However it won’t be counted on your total earning statistics.
Along with the US tax withdrawal, this leads to a gap between your earning & balance in the author earning dashboard.