New Items From Followed Authors?

Didn’t there used to be a section on the marketplace home page that displayed all of the new items from the authors that you follow? I swear it was there, but now it’s not? Why would this be removed?

I’m not sure what the purpose of following an author would be now, except for having a list saved on my profile that I could click through to see if anyone has anything new (but come on, who wants to do that?). It was really nice being able to see items from specified people that I like, right away on the home page. PLUS, I want my followers to also see my items right away on the home page when they visit the site.

Am I missing something? Did they move it to somewhere else? Am I blind?

yes that section has removed but there is a alternative menu to get follow feed Items by browsing All Items => Follow Feed or direct: mean market root url/follow_feed

hi yeah they changed this , it is very difficult to access this now, i do not know why they chose to take out this useful and community oriented link … now if u do not bookmark u take ages to find it back in all the menus , this is boring