where is the feed of authors that we follow ?!



hi i personally feel uncomfortable with not having both the creations of the person that i follow and my gains right from the landing page , i have to go through the profile to get to know how much is my gain and the new submissions fron the people i follow are just gone … is that supposed to be permanent or did i miss something, please tell me. I just hope that this is not one of these countless additonal decisions from envato that just end up bothering people rather than any other thing , because if they they should better focus on trying to help people to sell instead of wasting all people’s time to do unefficient things like this


Yes, it’s disappeared from the homepage. Hopefully it’s a temporary bug…


i hope so Martin since this is very much of a bore indeed … thanks for your answer anyway this definitely confirming that this is for all guys the same as my friend Matteo had told me that he was also facing this …


It still exists but not on the homepage: https://graphicriver.net/follow_feed
This link can be found on your ‘following’ page.


thanks for the information but if this is not accessible and no one knows i don’t think that this is interesting, to say the least, besides, i hope this is not , once again, of the changes only for changes that indeed turn out ot bring difficult and boring things to the table for authors … as they they are specialists of this type of things in envato offices …


hey Martin, for a bug this is very much of a long thing to repair … LOL i am more likely to believe that this is, once again, one of those nonsensical new “features” / introductions that just make authors lives more difficult once again