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I was wondering if the following system is a part of the old design that has forgotten there. Because we cant see the new items of the authors that are we following, like we could do some years ago. What s the meaning to follow someone on envato today?

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There is a page of your followed authors. I have asked the same question a time ago.

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So well hidden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But the idea was that you watch the new items of the authors you like and maybe you could purchase them or just comment on them.

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Totally agree.

Actually, the Follow system is useless :expressionless:

I have an idea will make the follow system useful which is to make any follower get an email notification once the author publishes a new item, by this way we get huge benefits from the follow system.


Unfortunately this wouldn’t work… imagine following a stock footage author. They upload hundreds of items at a time. Too many emails.

Imho the old system worked just fine. Nowadays it’s pointless following anyone.

[ edit: oops now i saw that its an 9 month old topic. sorry :confused: ]

easy fix: Don’t follow Stock Footage authors.

A working follow system would be great for both buyers and authors.

Now the top players are creating their own mailing lists etc, basically their own follow system. Would be easier for buyers if not everyone would do his own thing, but envato won’t spend the time in it.

hehe pure discrimination. You know what i mean… for instance with the old following system i remember sometimes un-following an author that i really liked his/hers work just because of too many uploads per time . Anyhow, it’s a conversation based on a non-existing plan…

a thousand times…Yes! Totally agree

Btw i remember a thread mentioning that they moved the follow feed on the all items menu but did they ever said for what reason?

From what I remember they “removed” the follow feed because the conversion rate was super low and it makes sense. If a client is on videohive he/she is looking for something specific. The chances that your latest item is what the client is looking for is pretty low I would assume.

They needed the space for more elements banners.

There are many people subscribed to newsletters of plugin and template creators, eager to see the next product that comes out. Videolancer has a good working follower-marketing I would guess.

The following system does not make sense for many authors who put out many items that are not general purpose multi-use items, I agree. But as the buyer is free to choose the authors he follows, he can pick those who actually create stuff he is interested in.

I do have returning buyers who I know of that they watch my portfolio from time to time.

Well ideally envato would implement ways for users to customize their own page with whatever feed they want to see on the home page. But I can totally understand them for removing the follow feed if there’s low conversion rate

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True. I just wish they would have made it better if conversions are low instead of destroying it completely by hiding it.